Define Data Format Session IDs Page

This wizard page enables you to define session identifiers per data format type.

Important information

General information about this wizard is available here: Session ID Definition Wizard

Wizard map

The Session ID Definition wizard contains:

Define Default Session IDs Page > Select Session ID Page > Define Operation Specific Session IDs Page > Define Data Format Session IDs Page > Define Session IDs Summary Page

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Data Format The data formats available in the service.
Session ID Source

The source for identifying sessions. Options include:

  • In Message Enables you to define an element within the message to use as a session identifier. Select an option from the Data Key list.
  • Inherited. Uses the setting that is defined at the operation level.
  • None. The data is not placed into tracks based on data format.
Data Key

The message element used as the session identifier. Select a value.

Available when you select In Message in the Session ID Source field.

Click Edit to change the selection.