Substring Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to copy a part of a string from one data column to another. You can also add additional text to the copied text.

To access
  1. In the Data Model Editor, expand a rule.
  2. Click inside the function field (fx) of a response column and select Substring.

    Tip: If the function row is not displayed, from the View Options menu, select Functions.

  3. Select a column to be used as the source of the data from which to extract the substring. The columns available for selection are highlighted.

Relevant tasks Configure the Substring Function
See also Rule Functions

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

The substring is taken from the data in the source column you specify.

By default, the column you already selected is displayed. Click Change to select a different column.

Format Defines which part of the string you want to copy from the source column, and any additional text you want to add to the string. For details on how to define the format, see Configure the Substring Function.
Preview Simulates an example of the substring result based on the settings you defined in the Source and Format fields.
Change Enables you to select a source column for the substring of data to be copied.
More Opens the Service Virtualization help to assist you in defining the substring format.

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