Update virtual service on SV Server

This topic provides best practices for updating virtual services on the SV Server.


When developing virtual services, the best practice is to design and test the services on the embedded server, which runs locally on your machine. This eliminates the possibility of some other user overwriting your changes.

To ensure that updates are performed in a careful and organized manner, we recommend having a particular person or team in charge of managing the SV Server, including the deployment of services using SV Management, SVConfigurator, and the SV Designer.

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Issues updating virtual services from the SV Designer

If company guidelines are missing or are not adhered to, users might encounter the following issues when editing a virtual service directly on the SV Server from the SV Designer:

Inconsistencies between virtual service version

If you edit a virtual service directly on the SV Server from the SV Designer (not recommended), and some other user simultaneously redeploys an older version of the service to the server, your local project files will differ from the files deployed on the SV Server.

Forgetting to restart simulation after update

If a you edit a virtual service directly on the SV Server but forget to restart simulation after making changes, when testing the service on the server, the changes do not take effect because the updates were not deployed.

To prevent these situations, the following warning is displayed in the upper part of the SV Designer screen: "Local changes are not deployed on the Server."

The same warning is displayed in the Runtime View:

In the Runtime View example below, you can see consistent virtual services (Checkup Service and Dashboard Service), and the REST Service which is inconsistent with the one deployed on the SV Server:

Note: Validation is based on two attributes in the virtualService element of the *.vs project files that store the user and time of the last deployed version of the service:

<vs:virtualService lastModifier="jdoe" lastModification="63816802809896">

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