What's New in Service Virtualization 2023

This topic introduces the new features and improvements in Service Virtualization 2023.


The Service Virtualization 2023 release introduces numerous enhancements and bug fixes, improving user experience, Virtual Service design and modeling, expanding protocol coverage, improving integration API, security, and SV infrastructure.

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User experience

Virtual Service modification

Virtual Services now keep track of which user modified them last and when, enabling easier version collision detection in SV Designer.

Data Model layout

The Data Model table layout is now stored in the project folder, instead of user profile, enabling more consistent display across users and machines.

Agent status

Added agent status to the Virtual Service main page, allowing early detection of problems with agents.

Restricted environments

  • Regular (non-admin) users can now create HTTP(S) agents without admin permissions.

  • The SV Designer can start without relevant Windows Performance Counters.

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Design and modeling

Data driving

  • Extended data driving by supporting CSV files.

  • Users can easily decouple data structures from data itself, allowing simplified data versioning and merging of changes.

  • Enabled data driving for hybrid simulation columns.


Extended the SetArrayItemCount built-in function with the ability to generate random number of array items.

XML Namespace prefix

XML namespace prefixes are now retained by default for all XML-based protocols.

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Protocol Hooks

  • Added the ability to use protocol hooks with Intrusive MQ and FileSystem protocols.

  • Improved usability and added new warnings identifying coding mistakes.

Service Call Activities

  • Added the option to use Binary-over-MQ protocol for SCA, as well as several message types over FileSystem.

  • Enabled destination override (for example, changing URL) for most protocols to enable different settings on different environments.

  • Improved checks of agents in use for SCAs.


Added several enhancements to SAP credential screens.

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Integrations and ecosystem


  • Extended the SV Server REST Management API to allow deployment of selected virtual services from “.vproja” archive files, including optional agent remapping and validation.

  • The OpenAPI Documentation web page is now available for reference and testing directly inside the SV Server.

  • The API Swagger file is available over the SV Server URL.


Enabled configurable LDAP queries when using LDAP for authentication and authorization in the SV Server. This improves query times by up to ten-fold for complex LDAP instances.

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Security and infrastructure

System updates

  • Added support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

  • Expanded support for Linux RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, and Oracle Linux versions.

  • Added support for MS SQL 2019 and 2022.

  • Updated Java runtime for SV tools and SV Lab.

Bug fixes and usability

  • Improved stability, performance, and fixed issues in SV Designer and SV Server.

  • Enhanced documentation and demos.

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