Add services to the server

Select additional virtualization projects or services, stored on the network, to download to your Service Virtualization Server.

Add services from a virtualization project archive

To deploy services from an archive, they must be virtualization projects that were exported from the Designer. Exported projects are stored with the file extension .vproja.

To deploy services stored in a project archive file:

  1. In the Services tab, on the bottom toolbar, click Add Service and select From File.

  2. Click Select file to browse the file system and select a project.

  3. In the Select Agents section, view the agents that were selected for each of the services.

    The dialog box suggests an agent by matching its name (first choice) and ID. If none are detected, then it suggests an agent that is currently running. If no agents are running, it suggests an existing agent that is not running.

    • A green check mark indicates that a match was found for the name or ID.
    • A warning symbol indicates that no match was found for the agent's name or ID. Accept the suggested agent or make your own selection.

    Note: This feature is part of the Early access features.

  4. Click Deploy Services.

    The services are downloaded to your Service Virtualization server.

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Add services from ALM

To deploy services stored in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM):

  1. In the Services tab, on the bottom toolbar, click Add Service and select From ALM.

  2. Enter the URL of the ALM server, and the logon credentials. The ALM server URL must be in the following format: <ALM server IP or hostname>:<port number>/qcbin.

    Note: The 'qcbin' entry is optional. The https:// or http:// prefix is also optional. If you do not specify either, http:// is used.

  3. Select the ALM domain and project to log in to.
  4. All resources located in the ALM Resources module are displayed. Select one or more virtualization projects or services and click Deploy selected.

    Note: If you select a virtualization project, all virtual services in the project are deployed to your server.

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Download from ALM

To download a virtualization project file from the ALM repository to your file system:

In the Services tab, on the bottom toolbar, click Download from ALM.

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