Installation and Licensing

The Service Virtualization Installation Guide describes system prerequisites, installation process, and configuration information.

To view, click: Service Virtualization Installation Guide

The Service Virtualization Designer is installed with a 30-day trial license. To continue working with the Designer, you must install a license from HPE.

After the evaluation period, the Designer will no longer work, but your data is preserved.

Note: For information on Service Virtualization Server licensing, see the Service Virtualization Installation Guide.

Get a license

You can obtain HPE licenses through the HPE Software Licensing Portal.

In addition, if you want to later install Service Virtualization on a different machine, you need to migrate your license. For more information, visit the Licensing Portal.

Install a Designer license

  1. From the Help menu, select License Management.
  2. Select a license type. For user interface details, see Select License Type Page.

  3. Install the license. For user interface details, see License Installation Pages.

Concurrent licensing

Concurrent (floating) licenses can be shared dynamically between multiple users using HPE AutoPass License Server. AutoPass License Server is included in the Service Virtualization installation package.

You install concurrent licenses on the license server. When the Designer or Server is started, the application takes a license from the license server, and returns it when the application is closed.

Define the license server in License Management.

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