What's New

This What's New provides an overview of the features that are introduced or enhanced in Service Virtualization 3.83.

Protocols and virtualization enhancements

SFTP (FTP over SSH). Support added for FTP over SSH (SFTP), complementing the existing FTP/FTPS transports for file exchange simulation. For details, see File System FTP Agent Settings.

Fixed-length over FTP. Transfer fixed-length messages over FTP transport. For details, see Virtualize Fixed-Length Communication.

SAP RFC in WebMethods. Enhanced SAP IDOC virtualization, enabling the use of SAP RFC with SAG WebMethods middleware. For details, see Virtualize SAP RFC Communication.

Virtual service design and simulation enhancements

Duplicate rules. Copy existing Data Model rules. For details, see Data Model Editor Context Menus.

Disable track creation. Disable creation of tracks during learning of stateless simulation, or when the data model contains tracks but simulation is not following them, and simulation accuracy is negatively impacted. For details, see Virtual Service Editor.

Adjust track priority. Control and change the priority of a track. In previous versions, the track priority was derived from a timestamp of a call on the first position within the track. When you changed the first position of the track, the priority also changed. You can now manually define track priority within the Stateful Layout view. For details, see Simulate a Stateful Service.

Message routing to real service when no URI space matches. Define a message to forward to the real service when there is no matching request. In previous versions, simulation returned a 404 error when it handled a request for a known endpoint that did not match any URI space in the virtual service. For details, see HTTP/HTTPS Gateway Agent Settings.

Service Call Activity (SCA) Enhancements. Improved Service Call Activity configuration and usability:

  • SCA without Service Description. Create Service Call Activity without a service description by importing sample messages, and without providing a service description of the target API.
  • SCA with one-way operations. Support added for Service Call Activity with one-way operations.
  • SCA Service Description naming. Improved generation of SCA service description names to distinguish between service descriptions of different Service Call Activities. For SOAP, the SCA name is generated based on Service Name in the WSDL file.
  • SCA renaming. A Rename option for Service Call Activity was added in the Virtualization Explorer.
  • SCA tooltips. Service Call activity tooltips were added with Service Description reference and endpoint.

For details, see Call External Services.

Other improvements

Simulation function optimization. Simulation performance was improved by optimizing virtual service simulation functions during virtual service migration to Service Virtualization 3.83.

Service Virtualization Jenkins plug-in. HPE Application Automation Tools 5.0 added HPE Service Virtualization to the Jenkins plugin. The plugin introduces new build steps enabling manipulation of Service Virtualization Server and virtual services. Operations include deploy, undeploy, change virtual service mode, and export virtual service with updated simulation models after learning. For details, see Continuous Integration.

Bug fixes and usability. Improved stability and fixed issues in Service Virtualization Designer and Server.