Change Server Dialog Box

These pages enable you to move the virtual services in a project to a different server.

To access From the main menu, select Project > Change Server.
Important information

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

Select a server or enter the URL for a new server on which to deploy the virtual services in the open project.

Note: The servers available in the drop-down list are the servers configured in your project. To view, add, or delete servers, from the main menu, select Tools > Options, and click the Servers tab.

Agent Select an agent for each service.
Manage Agents Opens the Agents page, enabling you to add, delete, or reconfigure settings for virtual service agents. For details, see Agents Page.
Duplicate Original Configuration

Opens the Agents page, and copies the configuration on the current server to create a configuration on the new server. You can modify the settings of the new configuration.