External Data Properties Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to configure options for a data rule that is working with an external data file.

To access

Right-click a rule or column header and select External Data Properties.

Available for a rule that is associated with an external data file for import or export.

Relevant tasks Work With External Data Sources
See also Data Driving

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Importing data from external data file The rule is associated with an external file from which it has imported data.
Exporting data to external data file The rule is associated with an external file to which it has exported data.
External Data File The path to the associated external data file .
Column Names

Indicates that the first row of your file is a header row, containing the names of each column.

Available for import only.

Data Synchronization

For import: Data is automatically re-imported from the external data file before each Simulation session.

For export: Data is automatically exported to the external data file after a virtual service Learning session.

Service Operations

The operations in your virtual service that are configured for import or export.

By default, all of the virtual service's operations are selected. To change this selection, click Change and edit the list of operations.

Sheet Relations

Binding configuration for working with array data. You can define the relationships between worksheets that is required for array binding.

Primary/Foreign Key: The drop-down lists display the columns in the external data file. The format of the keys is <worksheet_name>.<column_name>. Select a value for each key to define the relationship.


Adds a row, enabling you to define an additional relationship between primary and foreign keys.

Available when working with array data.


Removes the selected row.

Available when working with array data.

Refresh Data on Confirm Updates the data according to your new settings. For example, if you changed the setting from Import to Export, the data is exported to the external file when you click Finish.