Service Virtualization Editions

Service Virtualization is available in several editions, which determine the functionality available to you in the application.

When you first install the Service Virtualization Designer or Server, a 30-day trial license is installed. This license runs the Enterprise Edition.

SV Edition Description
Enterprise Edition Provides full Service Virtualization functionality.
Pro Edition Provides a subset of the full Service Virtualization functionality, as described below.
Express Edition Provides a subset of product functionality, designed to introduce you to Service Virtualization.

Functionality by Edition

The limits specified here are default settings for the editions. They may change according to your license agreement.

Service Virtualization Designer Editions:

Service Virtualization Feature Designer Express Designer Pro Designer Enterprise
Connect to Pro Edition Server
Connect to Enterprise Edition Server
Limited simulation throughput for the Designer's embedded server 10
transactions per second
transactions per second
transactions per second
Number of services running concurrently on the Designer's embedded server 3 unlimited unlimited
Number of simulation models per virtual service

3 data models

3 performance models

unlimited unlimited
In-memory simulation for the Designer's embedded server
ALM integration
Concurrent/commuter licensing using AutoPass License Server
Management endpoint

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Service Virtualization Server Editions:

Service Virtualization Feature Server Pro Server Enterprise
Manage Pro Edition Server
Manage Enterprise Edition Server
Maximum deployed services on the Service Virtualization Server 100 Full functionality
Maximum concurrent users connected to Service Virtualization Management 10 Full functionality
Maximum managed Service Virtualization Servers in Service Virtualization Management 1 Full functionality
Maximum CPU cores 8 Full functionality
In-memory simulation
ACL/Server access permission functionality
ALM integration
Concurrent licensing using the AutoPass License Server

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Upgrading your edition

Upgrade your edition by adding the appropriate license. You can backup your server on one edition and restore it on a different edition.

Note: The product edition has no impact on the server backup archive, project files containing virtual services, or agent configuration files. You can apply a backup from a server of one edition to a server of a different edition, and use virtual services created by one edition in a server or designer of another edition.

For example, after you upgrade from Server Pro to Server Enterprise, you can restore your server from a backup made on Server Pro edition.

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