Test Automation Tool Integration

Service Virtualization can be integrated with Micro Focus test automation tools. The virtual services are managed via the tests, and the performance monitors exposed by the virtual services are used by the performance testing tools.

Service Virtualization integrates with Unified Functional Testing (UFT), LoadRunner, and Performance Center. For details on currently supported versions, see the Integrations Catalog.

Note: Starting with version 4.10, Service Virtualization began employing an updated integration API. Older versions of LoadRunner, Performance Center, and UFT may need to update the SV client binaries in their installation folders to allow integration with the current version.

Current SV client libraries support integration with Service Virtualization versions 3.80 to 4.20. The %DesignerInstallationFolder%\Tools\SV Integration Update folder contains a command line tool and a Readme file with instructions on how to update the SV client libraries.