Install and configure SV Lab

Service Virtualization includes lab installations that you can use for various use cases and functionality. These installations are located in the Extras folder of the Service Virtualization component installation.

Software prerequisites are listed below.

Installation Description

Server installation. This server runs as a standalone binary and is meant to be used with multiple Lab clients.

To start the server, run:

Windows server-start.bat

Included directories:

  • bin. binaries to start server on Windows/Linux
  • lib. server libraries

Available for: Service Virtualization Server installation


Client installation for the server. This installation can also be used as a library without a server.

You use Lab to:

  • Start creating Service Virtualization Labs on your computer by adding lib/sv-lab-client-4.0.jar to your classpath as a library.
  • Switch to a remote server after you finish developing on your computer. You do this by switching lib/sv-lab-client-4.0.jar to lib/sv-lab-4.0.jar and adding the correct server address to your code.

Included directories:

  • bin. Various binaries for Service Virtualization.
  • demo. Demo applications.
  • doc. Lab documentation.
  • lib. Server libraries.
    • lib\sv-vsl.js. Import this file to your Lab models.
    • lib\sv-lab-client-4.0.jar. Include when using locally as a library.
    • lib\sv-lab-4.0.jar. Include when using on a remote server.

Available for:

  • Service Virtualization Designer installation

  • Service Virtualization Server installation

Software prerequisites

  • Open JDK 8u112
  • Oracle Java

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