Troubleshooting SV Lab


Service Virtualization Lab and Lab Server use Apache Log4J 2 for logging. By default, FATAL, ERROR, WARN and INFO messages are logged from Service Virtualization components, and FATAL, ERROR, and WARN messages are logged from third-party components. Log messages are displayed in the standard output (console). SV Lab Server also logs messages to files, under the LabServer/log/ directory on Mac/Linux, and under the %APPDATA%\Hewlett Packard Enterprise\LabServer\log directory on Windows.

To enable more verbose logging from the Service Virtualization components, you can increase the log level to DEBUG. You do this using an svLogLevel system property, for example -DsvLogLevel=DEBUG.

To suppress INFO logging from the Service Virtualization components, you can decrease the log level to WARN (for example, -DsvLogLevel=WARN).

For SV Lab Server, you need to edit the LabServer/bin/ starting scripts, where you will find the svLogLevel property with its default value.

For more advanced custom logging, you can create own log4j2.xml configuration file, as described in Log4J configuration. To pass the location of your configuration file to SV Lab, use the log4j.configurationFile system property. For SV Lab Server, you can edit or replace the LabServer/bin/log4j2.xml file.