TruClient Supportability Tool

This tool enables you to manage certain browser settings to troubleshoot TruClient for Internet Explorer (TruClient IE).

Note: This functionality is not available in TruClient Lite.

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Check what browser version is installed

  1. To use the tool, run <Installation folder>\bin\TruClientSupportabilityTool.exe.

  2. Under the General section, verify what version of each browser type is installed on the local machine.

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Edit TruClient IE Internet Properties

To facilitate troubleshooting TruClient IE issues, you can edit the dedicated TruClient IE registry key.

To edit settings:

  1. Close the Internet Options dialog box if it is open.

  2. To enable the tool, create at least one TruClient IE script either in VuGen or the TruClient Standalone.

  3. From the TruClient Supportability Tool > TruClient IE, select TruClient IE Internet Properties to open the Internet properties dialog box.

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Configurable settings

You can edit the following tabs in the editor.

  • Security tab
  • Privacy > Settings tab
  • Privacy > Location tab

Changing any other properties in the dialog box is not supported and may result in unexpected behavior of TruClient IE or your regular IE browser.

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Restore default settings

Select Restore factory settings to restore all settings to the default setting.

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