What's New in TruClient 12.56

This new TruClient version includes the following new features, enhancements, and usability improvements.

Note: TruClient standalone cannot be installed on a machine with other LoadRunner components, apart from the Analysis component.

General improvements

  • Improved stability and reduced memory consumption in both Interactive and Load modes.

  • Improved transaction response time accuracy in the HAR file. This affects NV Insights, StormRunner Load, and the HAR file itself.

  • Various bug fixes.

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Interactive script development

We've enhanced interactive script development in the following areas:

  • Added new Wait for Object step option to wait for an object to vanish/not exist. For details, see Insert Wait steps.

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We've added support and made improvements as follows:

  • Support for recording in dynamic iframes in Chrome.

TruClient Browser

  • We've added a new TruClient Browser, based on Mozilla technology (equivalent to Firefox version 55.0.3). For details, see Differences Between Supported Browsers.

    Note: The TruClient Browser is provided as a tech preview version.

TruClient Internet Explorer:

  • Improved support for Windows 10 in Internet Explorer

  • Support for selecting multiple files to be uploaded, in TruClient for IE. For details, see Upload multiple files.

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