TruClient Standalone Launcher

When you run the TruClient Standalone version, the first window displayed is the Launcher.

From the Launcher title bar, you can access the following utilities:

Hover over the icons in the Launcher title bar to see what each does.

Opening the development window from the Launcher

  1. On the first page, either select Open to open an existing script or choose the type of new script to create. The options are:
    • Web: A script that you record in one of the supported browsers.
    • Mobile Web: A script that uses mobile device emulators. See Record a TruClient Mobile Web Script.
    • Native Mobile: The TruClient - Native Mobile script enables you to record user activity in native or hybrid mobile applications using TruClient technology. The replay is performed on real devices, allowing you to gather application related measurements and test your app’s performance. This type of script requires installation of Mobile Center. For information on Native Mobile, see the Mobile Center Help.
  2. After you select the script type, select one of the supported browsers to use for recording.

    When you select the browser, the development window opens.

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