Help options

The TruClient help options will enable you to get up and running quickly, and to make the best use of TruClient functionality.

Online and local help centers

This Help Center provides you with comprehensive user assistance. You can access the Help Center on the Web, or, if working with VuGen, use the locally installed Help Center (we recommend you use the online help for the most up-to-date content).

Accessing TruClient Help on a VuGen Machine

To switch between online and local modes, select Help > Help Center Options > Open Online or Open Locally. If you are working on a full installation LoadRunner machine, the Help Center Options are set according to the setting in VuGen.

Note: To view the Help Center in Internet Explorer or within VuGen, you need to enable JavaScript (Active scripting) in your browser settings (Tools > Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level).

If the online Help Center is unavailable at the start of an application session, the Open Online option may stay disabled during the whole session with that application.

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Interactive guidance

TruClient includes interactive walkthroughs and guidance, providing help within the TruClient application with onboarding, product tours, and more. You can use the walkthroughs to quickly get started with TruClient, and benefit from the info and tips provided to get the most out of the product features.


  • Interactive guidance requires an active internet connection.

  • Interactive guidance is currently supported for:

    • TruClient in VuGen: TruClient Web protocol in Chromium and IE browsers
    • TruClient Standalone: TruClient Web protocol in Chromium (available in TruClient 12.61 or later) and IE browsers
    • TruClient Lite

Interactive guidance is available as soon as you open TruClient, by clicking the icon in the bottom right of the TruClient Development window:

In the displayed How Can I Help You? window, select a walkthrough or other assistance from the Help or Tasks tabs. You can also access TruClient videos, or search the Help Center (type your question at the top of the box).

To disable interactive guidance:

  1. Open the TruClient General Settings dialog box and select the Interactive Options tab.
  2. In the Interactive Guidance Settings section, clear the checkbox for Enable interactive guidance.
  3. Restart TruClient.

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