What's new

Check out the new features and improvements in TruClient versions 12.60 and 12.61.

Note: To improve the customer experience and provide more optimized search, the TruClient Help Centers for 12.60 and 12.61 have been streamlined into a single version. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

What's new in TruClient 12.61

The following features and enhancements were added in TruClient 12.61:

Interactive guidance

Added support for using interactive walkthroughs and guidance on Chromium browser in TruClient Standalone. See Help options.

TruClient Browser

Improved the browser's performance, functionality, and quality. See Differences between supported browsers.

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What's new in TruClient 12.60

The following features and enhancements were added in TruClient 12.60:

Windows 10 support

This release includes improved support for using the IE browser on Windows 10. See TruClient for IE browser.

Debugging actions to code

When converting actions to code, you can now benefit from expanded debugging functionality using an Inspector Panel, enabling you to do a detailed review of variable values in the code. See Step 2: Replay and enhance the converted script.

Note: The converting actions to code feature is provided as a tech preview version.

TruClient Browser/Firefox browser

TruClient Browser, first made available in version 12.56, is now fully supported and equivalent to Firefox version 58.0.2. TruClient browser has replaced the Firefox browser. See Differences between supported browsers.

Interactive guidance

TruClient now includes interactive walkthroughs and guidance, providing help within the TruClient application with onboarding, product tours, and more. See Help options.

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