Keyboard shortcuts

The following tables describe the TruClient shortcut keys on Windows and Mac keyboards.

Note: Mac menus and keyboards often use symbols for certain keys, such as Option (or Alt) ⌥, Control (or Ctrl) ⌃, and Command (or Cmd) ⌘.

File menu shortcuts

  Action Shortcut keys   Description;

Windows: Alt + O

Mac: N/A

Open an existing script.

Windows: Alt + N

Mac: Option + N

Create a new script.

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + S

Mac: Ctrl + Option + S

Save a script.
Save As

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + A

Mac: Ctrl + Option + A

Save a script with a new name or location.

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Context menu shortcuts

Action Child element Shortcut keys Description;
Play this step   l (F7) Replay the selected step.
Play from this step   F Replay the script starting from the selected step.


Begin recording a script.
Before step B Begin recording before the selected step.
Into step I Begin recording into the selected step.
After step A Begin recording after the selected step.
Toggle breakpoint   B (F9) Insert a breakpoint into the script.
Start transaction  

i (Windows: Ctrl + Alt + T;
Mac: Ctrl + Option + T)

Insert a start transaction.
Surround with transaction   w Surround selected steps with a transaction.
End transaction   o  
Group steps   G Group selected steps into a group.
Group into   u Open the group into action.
If clause I Group selected steps into an If Clause.
For loop clause


Group selected steps into a For loop clause.
New function N Group selected steps into a new function.
Action A Group selected steps into a new Action.
Cut   t (Ctrl + X, or Cmd + X on Mac) Cut selected steps.
Copy   C (Ctrl + C, or Cmd + C on Mac) Copy selected steps.
Paste   P (Ctrl + V, or Cmd + V on Mac) Paste selected steps.
Paste before B Paste before selected step.
Paste into I Paste into a selected step.
Paste after A Paste after a selected step.
Export steps   x (Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Q;
Mac: Ctrl + Option + Q)
Export selected steps.
Import steps   m (Windows: Ctrl + Alt + W;
Mac: Ctrl + Option + W)
Paste selected steps, that have been exported, into a second script.
Delete   D Delete a step from the script.
Disable   s  
Edit step  

E (Windows: Ctrl + Alt + O;
Mac: Ctrl + Option + O)

Expand the step to display step, argument and transaction properties.
Fold step   (Windows: Alt + 0;
Mac: Option + 0)
Minimize all steps and groups.
Unfold steps   (Windows: Alt + Shift + 0;
Mac: Option + Shift + 0)
Display all steps and groups.
Reset Auto Event   (Windows: Ctrl + Alt + B;
Mac: Ctrl + Option + B)
Enables you to reset the selected step or steps to Automatic: Not Yet Set.

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Toolbar shortcuts

Action Shortcut keys Description;

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + R

Mac: Ctrl + Option + R

Begin recording a script.

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + F5

Mac: Ctrl + Option + F5

Replay the script.
Play selected step F7 Replay the the selected step.
Replay step by step F8 Replay the script step by step, pausing the replay after each step.

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + X

Mac: Ctrl + Option + X

Stop recording or replaying the script.
Toggle breakpoint F9 Toggle breakpoint on the selected step.
Transaction editor

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + F7

Mac: Ctrl + Option + F7

Open the Transaction editor.
Snapshot viewer

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+V

Mac: Ctrl + Option + V

Open the snapshot viewer.
Cut Ctrl + X, or Cmd + X (on Mac) Cut the selected step or steps.
Copy Ctrl + C, or Cmd + C (on Mac) Copy the selected step or steps.
Paste before

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + P

Mac: Control + Option + P

Paste before the selected step.
Paste after Ctrl + V, or Cmd + V (on Mac) Paste after the selected step.
Paste into

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + I

Mac: Ctrl + Option + I

Paste into the selected step.
Delete Del Delete the selected step.
Find Ctrl + F, or Cmd + F (on Mac) Open the Find dialog box.
Goto Ctrl + G, or Cmd + G (on Mac) Go to the specified step.
Undo Ctrl + Z, or Cmd + Z (on Mac) Undo last action.
Redo Ctrl + Y, or Cmd + Y (on Mac) Redo last undo.

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