Browsers in TruClient

Different browsers are available to use for recording your TruClient script.

Supported browsers

Various browsers are supported in TruClient, according to the TruClient edition you are using, and the script type selected. For more details, see TruClient editions and Recording different script types.

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Additional browser considerations

TruClient records your actions while you perform a business process on the browser that TruClient displays.

Generally, the TruClient Web protocol adjusts to differences between supported browsers. Therefore, you can record on one browser and replay on any supported browser. For details, see Replay on all browsers.

To simulate the functionality of an Internet Explorer (IE) browser, use the TruClient for IE browser. For details, see TruClient for IE browser.

You may encounter differences in the test results and in the test run when replaying on a browser different than the one you recorded the script on. For a list of differences between the various browsers, see Differences between supported browsers.

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