Help Center Tips

This Help Center provides you with comprehensive user assistance. You can access the Help Center on the Web, or use the locally installed Help Center (we recommend you use the online help for the most up-to-date content).

For details on accessing local help on a TruClient Standalone machine, see Download Help Center (local help is already included in TruClient in VuGen).

To improve your search results, avoid including special characters such as %, #, or + in your search string.

Here are some examples of the syntax you can use for searching:

Type To find
"find me"
(in quotes)
Topics that include the exact phrase, "find me".

find me


Topics that include both the words “find” and “me”, but not necessarily as a phrase.

find or me

find | me

Topics that contain either "find" or "me" (or both), in any order.

not “find me”

! ”find me”

Topics that do not include the phrase “find me”.
find ^ me Topics that include the word “find” but not the word “me”.