Performance metrics

The following performance metrics can be recorded by TruClient:

Metric Description
End to end transaction response time This includes the client time, such as browser rendering time.
Web page component breakdown Load times can be broken down by Web page and resource.
HAR TruClient can generate a standard HAR file in some configurations. If you have Network Virtualization installed and you replay a script in VuGen load mode, a HAR file is created. The pathname is <result path>/<group name>_<vuser ID>/<group name>_<vuser ID>.har.

Count of bytes transferred between the browser and the server.


Count of HTTP requests sent from the client.


Count of connections opened by the browser to the server.


  • Support for the Connections measurement will be discontinued in upcoming versions of TruClient.

  • You can identify a single activity in a business process in a script by using start and end transaction markers. Some metrics are only generated per transaction and most metrics are far more useful when you know what activity they measure.

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