Keyboard Shortcuts

The following tables describe the TruClient shortcut keys.

File Menu Shortcuts

Action Shortcut keys Description;
Open Alt + O Open an existing script.
New Alt + N Create a new script.
Save Ctrl + Alt + S Save a script.
Save As Ctrl + Alt + A Save a script with a new name or location.

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Context Menu Shortcuts

Action Child element Shortcut keys Description;
Play this step   l (F7) Replay the selected step.
Play from this step   F Replay the script starting from the selected step.
Record   R Begin recording a script.
  Before step B Begin recording before the selected step.
  Into step I Begin recording into the selected step.
  After step A Begin recording after the selected step.
Toggle breakpoint   B (F9) Insert a breakpoint into the script.
Start transaction   i (Ctrl + Alt + T) Insert a start transaction.
Surround with transaction   w Surround selected steps with a transaction.
End transaction   o  
Group steps   G Group selected steps into a group.
Group into   u Open the group into action.
  If clause I Group selected steps into an If Clause.
  For loop clause


Group selected steps into a For loop clause.
  New function N Group selected steps into a new function.
  Action A Group selected steps into a new Action.
Cut   t (Ctrl + X) Cut selected steps.
Copy   C (Ctrl + C) Copy selected steps.
Paste   P (Ctrl + V) Paste selected steps.
  Paste before B Paste before selected step.
  Paste into I Paste into a selected step.
  Paste after A Paste after a selected step.
Export steps   x (Ctrl + Alt + Q) Export selected steps.
Import steps   m (Ctrl + Alt + W) Paste selected steps, that have been exported, into a second script.
Delete   D Delete a step from the script.
Disable   s  
Edit step   E (Ctrl + Alt + O) Expand the step to display step, argument and transaction properties.
Show   h  
  Step number N Display step numbers.
  Animations t Enable/Disable step animation in the Development window.
Fold step   (Alt + 0) Minimize all steps and groups.
Unfold steps   (Alt + Shift + 0) Display all steps and groups.
Reset Auto Event   Ctrl + Alt+ B Enables you to reset the selected step or steps to Automatic: Not Yet Set.

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Toolbar Shortcuts

Action Shortcut keys Description;
Record Ctrl + Alt + R Begin recording a script.
Play Ctrl + Alt + F5 Replay the script.
Play selected step F7 Replay the the selected step.
Replay step by step F8 Replay the script step by step, pausing the replay after each step.
Stop Ctrl + Alt + X Stop recording or replaying the script.
Toggle breakpoint F9 Toggle breakpoint on the selected step.
Transaction editor Ctrl + Alt + F7 Open the Transaction editor.
Snapshot viewer Ctrl+Alt+V Open the snapshot viewer.
Cut Ctrl + X Cut the selected step or steps.
Copy Ctrl + C Copy the selected step or steps.
Paste before Ctrl + Alt + P Paste before the selected step.
Paste after Ctrl + V Paste after the selected step.
Paste into Ctrl + Alt + I Paste into the selected step.
Delete Del Delete the selected step.
Find Ctrl + F Open the Find dialog box.
Goto Ctrl + G Go to the specified step.
Undo Ctrl + Z Undo last action.
Redo Ctrl + Y Redo last undo.

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