TruClient protocols

TruClient enables you to record a variety of protocols, each suited to a particular load testing environment and resulting in a specific type of Vuser script.

Instructions for recording a script vary according to the TruClient protocol that you are using.

Protocol Description
TruClient – Web

Enables recording a Web script in one of the supported browsers. For details, see Record a script.

TruClient – Mobile Web

Enables the recording of mobile browser based applications using the simulation capabilities of TruClient Browser.

For information on recording a Native Web script, see TruClient Mobile Web scripts and Add, Remove, and Import Mobile Device Settings for TruClient - Mobile Web in the VuGen Help.

TruClient – Native Mobile

Enables the recording of native mobile applications using the TruClient technology.

Recording a TruClient – Native Mobile script requires installation of UFT Mobile. For details, see Record Scripts in the UFT Mobile Help Center.

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