Program in TruClient

Enhance your TruClient script by adding custom JavaScript code.

TruClient provides technology for power users with advanced scripting requirements, enabling them to perform the following:

Action Description

Add JavaScript to the script

Add JavaScript expressions to the TruClient script.

For details, see Work With JavaScript in TruClient scripts.

Repeat portions of the script

Insert loops and loop modifiers to repeat selected portions of the script until certain criteria is met, or for a specified number of iterations.

For details, see Insert and modify loops in TruClient.

Use VTS in scripts

Use VuGen Virtual Table Server (VTS) to more accurately emulate a real-user environment, by assigning parameter values from a single set of parameter values to multiple Vusers.

For details, see Use VTS in TruClient scripts.

Insert custom JavaScript and C code

Insert code into a pre-existing step as part of a step argument, or insert steps that are completely comprised of external code (C or JavaScript).

For details, see Insert custom JavaScript and C code into TruClient scripts.

Convert TruClient actions to code

Convert selected actions to code, making it easier to add complex logic and customized functions to the script.

For details, see Convert TruClient actions and functions to code.

Use parameters to vary arguments Use parameters to create a more realistic script by adding JavaScript APIs, or by directly inputting them from the Step Arguments section.

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