Function Libraries tab

The Function Libraries tab, accessed from the bottom of the Development window, enables you to create and manage functions in libraries.


  • When converting TruClient actions to code, the function libraries can also be converted. If you undo the conversion, the function libraries revert back to the original (based on the model structure), and any changes in the coded function libraries will be lost.

  • Global libraries are not included in the automatic backup and recovery process.

UI Element

Enables you to select the active library.

New Library. Enables you to create a new library.

New Function. Enables you to create a new function. For details, see TruClient functions and function libraries.

Rename Library. Rename an existing library.

Note: If you rename a library, modify all references to it.

Import Library. Imports a function library from an xml file.

Tip: You can also import global coded function libraries to a script.

Export Library. Exports a function library to an xml file.

Tip: You can also export global coded function libraries from a script.

Delete Library. (For a local library) Deletes a local function library from the script.

Remove Library from Script. (For a global library) Detaches a global function library from this script; the global library is not deleted by this action.

Save global library. Enables you to save functions in a global library.

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