TruClient protocols

TruClient enables you to record a variety of protocols, each suited to a particular load testing environment and resulting in a specific type of Vuser script.

Instructions for recording a script vary according to the TruClient protocol that you are using.

TruClient - Web protocol

It enables recording a Web script in one of the supported browsers. For details, see Record a script.

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TruClient - Mobile Web protocol

It enables the recording of mobile browser based applications using the simulation capabilities of TruClient Browser.

For information on recording a Native Web script, see TruClient Mobile Web scripts and Add, Remove, and Import Mobile Device Settings for TruClient - Mobile Web in the VuGen Help.

Note: TruClient - Mobile Web protocol will be deprecated in a coming version. We recommend using TruClient - Web protocol instead.

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TruClient - Native Mobile protocol

TruClient native mobile protocol provides a novel way to record and replay native mobile applications on both Android and iOS devices. It enables developers or DevOps engineers to record user interactions on mobile applications and create TruClient scripts. The protocol is designed for end-user performance testing. Together with the existing mobile protocols, it completes the LoadRunner Professional mobile performance testing suite.

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