TruClient for IE browser

TruClient for IE simulates the functionality of an IE (Internet Explorer) browser. This enables you to record and replay scripts as if you were working in an IE environment.

Caution: Support for Internet Explorer will be deprecated in 2023. We recommend using one of the other supported browsers. For details, see Browsers in TruClient.

Enforce Standards Mode

TruClient for IE can only record and replay applications in Standards Mode. TruClient enforces this mode on all pages that you navigate to while you are recording and replaying.

To explore how pages are rendered in a non-standard IE mode, you can temporarily deactivate enforcement: In the TruClient for IE menu toolbar, at the top of the browser window, select Advanced, then deselect the Enforce Standards Mode option.

When deselected the following message appears in the TruClient Development window:

While in the mode you cannot develop or edit scripts in the TruClient IE browser. Click the Enforce button in the message box or select Advanced > Enforce Standards Mode, to continue recording and replaying in the TruClient for IE browser.

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Enable the negotiate method for authentication

If your application server supports only the negotiate method for authentication (the HTTP response is with "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized" and "WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate"), you must enable the negotiate option. To do so:

  1. Open the registry setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Micro Focus\TruClient\TruClientIE\TCWindows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

  2. Change the value of the EnableNegotiate registry key from "0" to "1".

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Display IE log messages in console during replay

To display Internet Explorer log messages during replay, click the Console button in the Development window toolbar, or select View > Toolbars and Docking Windows > Console.

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Display a Favicon for the recorded application

You can display a Favicon (the icon that represents the website) in the address bar of the application browser. To do so, select View > Display Favicons. Your choice is saved for future scripts.

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Known issues for TruClient for IE browser

If you are unable to start an IE browser from VuGen or when the script is running in load mode, try running VuGen as administrator. If that does not work, check you have the correct registry permissions (see Unable to start IE browser).

For details on other known issues, see Known issues.

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