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You can use the TruClient search bar to find steps, functions, and transactions in your TruClient scripts by plain text.

About the search

Use the search bar to conduct a more precise and faster search, and to more easily scan results without needing to navigate through long scripts. You can configure the search filter settings by scope and entity type (for details, see below).

You can also interact with the script while the search is open, for example, by moving the resulting steps, or by editing arguments.

The search is supported in TruClient model and scripting modes.

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Search TruClient scripts

  1. To access, click in the menu toolbar and select Search. The search bar opens in the upper part of the TruClient Development window.

  2. Configure the search filter settings:

    Search Scope
    • Current View. Searches for text in the currently visible tab content and action, including folded step containers (such as For, If, Group Steps).

    • Whole Script. Searches all available tabs in the Development window (Actions, Run Logic, Function Libraries) and in UFT Mobile.

    Entity Type
    • All. Searches in steps (the displayed levels only) and transactions if there are coded steps in the script.

    • Steps. Searches in steps (the displayed levels only).

    • Transactions. Searches in transactions.

  3. Type the text search in the Search box.

    While you type characters, TruClient performs the text search on the predefined fields and displays the following:

    • If Current View is selected: TruClient highlights all entities in which the search string is found and lists the total number of matching results.

      Example: Where Current View and Steps are selected (and the Actions tab is open), only matching text for visible steps in the Actions tab is highlighted.

    • If Whole Script is selected: TruClient displays all matching entities grouped by entity type, and the number of matches for each entity type, in the results window. You can click a search result to view it in the relevant tab.

      Example: Where Whole Script and All are selected, matching steps and transactions from all tabs are listed in the results window.

    Note: The search is not case sensitive.

  4. Use ˅ or ˄ (or press the Enter key) to navigate through the results. The currently selected matching result is highlighted in orange; other results are highlighted in yellow.

  5. To remove the search highlights and hide the search bar, press the Esc key.

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Search bar shortcuts

For the list of shortcut keys, see Search bar shortcuts.

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