Introducing TruClient

TruClient is a browser-based tool for creating scripts that can be used in load testing or monitoring web and mobile applications. The TruClient engine records your actions in a script in real-time as you navigate through your business process.

Get started

Before you begin...

To get started, we recommend that you learn about the TruClient script recorder to gain a high-level picture of what you can do in TruClient.

For details, see TruClient overview.

How do I use TruClient?

Watch the Getting to know TruClient tutorial video to learn how to record, enhance, and replay scripts in TruClient.

For details, see the TruClient tutorial.

Use the interactive guidance

TruClient includes interactive walkthroughs and guidance, providing help within the TruClient application with onboarding, product tours, and more.

For details, see TruClient walkthroughs.

Let's go!

When you're ready to begin, create a TruClient script in VuGen and record a script.

For details on recording a script, see Record a TruClient script.

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