TruClient Supportability Tool

This tool enables you to manage certain browser settings to troubleshoot TruClient for Internet Explorer (TruClient IE).

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Check what browser version is installed

  1. To use the tool, run <Installation folder>\bin\TruClientSupportabilityTool.exe.

  2. Under the General section, you can verify what version of each browser type is installed on the local machine.

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Edit TruClient IE internet properties

You can troubleshoot certain TruClient IE issues using the TruClient IE Internet Properties dialog box (this will make changes to the dedicated TruClient IE registry key).

To modify TruClient IE settings:

  1. Prerequisite: Before modifying TruClient IE settings, you need to have previously created at least one TruClient IE script either in VuGen or TruClient standalone.

  2. If you have the Internet Options dialog box open, close it.

  3. From the TruClient Supportability Tool > TruClient IE > Information area, select TruClient IE Internet Properties to open the Internet Properties dialog box.

  4. The following tabs can be edited in the Internet Properties dialog box:

    • Security tab

    • Privacy > Settings tab

    • Privacy > Location tab

    Changing any other properties in the dialog box is not supported, and may result in unexpected behavior of TruClient IE or your regular IE browser.

Select Restore factory settings to restore all TruClient IE settings to the default values.

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Configure user credentials for service session

Use the TruClient Supportability Tool > TruClient IE > Service Session User Credentials section to define interactive user credentials. This enables TruClient IE browser to be run in service session under the specified user account, to overcome browser cache and HTML5 local storage issues.

Tip: An alternative solution for LoadRunner Professional and LoadRunner Enterprise users is to run the browser with interactive user credentials. For details, see Running TruClient as a service.

The user credentials must be for a valid interactive user in the relevant domain, using the permissions created by your administrator.

UI Elements Description

The user name required to run the TruClient IE browser.


The password for the specified user.


The network domain upon which the user machine resides.

Apply System Settings Click to save the user credentials. The button is enabled after all the credentials are defined.
Clean System Settings Click to clear all saved credentials.

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