Record a script

Record user actions interactively into a TruClient script.


TruClient records your actions while you perform a business process on the browser that TruClient displays. When you stop recording, TruClient converts your actions into steps, and saves snapshots of the system states.

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Recording different script types

The instructions for recording a script vary according to the script type you are recording: Web, Mobile Web, or Native Mobile.

Script type Description

Enables recording a Web script in one of the supported browsers. For details, see Record a TruClient script.

Mobile Web

Enables the recording of mobile browser based applications using the simulation capabilities of TruClient Browser.

For information on recording a Mobile Web script, see TruClient Mobile Web scripts and Add, Remove, and Import Mobile Device Settings for TruClient - Mobile Web in the VuGen help center.

Native Mobile

Enables the recording of native mobile applications using the TruClient technology.

This type of script requires installation of Digital Lab. For information on recording a Native Mobile script, see Record Native Mobile scripts.

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Implement run logic in a script

Run logic is the flow of your script—the order in which actions run during a test and the number of times they run.

You set the order in which actions run from the Run Logic tab, accessed from the bottom of the TruClient Development window.

For details, see Implement run logic.

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