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Check out below the new features and improvements for LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb versions 2020 and 2020 service pack 1 (SP1).

Note: The Help Centers for versions 2020 and 2020 SP1 are streamlined into a single Help Center. Any version specific changes are indicated where relevant.

Version 2020 SP1

LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb 2020 SP1 includes the following updates:

Test on LoadRunner Cloud You can now scale up your load tests using DevWeb scripts in LoadRunner Cloud, without leaving your IDE. See Run scripts on LoadRunner Cloud.
SLA support We have added support for definition of fail-pass criteria, and generation of JUnit or TAP SLA reports, which can be integrated with your CI builds. See SLA rules.
CI integration

LoadRunner Developer can now be integrated with Jenkins or other CI systems, enabling the following:

  • Automated test executions after software build and deploy
  • Ability to trigger build failures, based on SLA definition
  • Easy access to the test run report
  • Regression suites run
Replay summary

The following summaries are now included:

  • JSON replay summary
  • Transactions summary in console
Run logic Support for extended run logic functionality for DevWeb scripts. See Implement run logic.
Kerberos Support for Kerberos authentication during replay.
WebSocket We have extended WebSocket protocol support. See the JavaScript SDK WebSocket section.

We have extended functionality for the extractors, including adding the new CookieExtractor. See the JavaScript SDK Extractors section.

SDK updates write and isExists methods have been added to File operations. See the JavaScript SDK File section.
Dynatrace monitoring Data can now be pushed to the Dynatrace AppMon monitor on the AUT server during the scenario run. See Dynatrace AppMon integration.
Linux Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.
Measurement reporting A Grafana Dashboard sample is now available for DevWeb measurements that are stored in InfluxDB. See Storing data on InfluxDB
VTS server port forwarding We have added support for VTS server port forwarding, to redirect communication requests from one port to another. See the JavaScript SDK VTS section.
Security fixes This release includes security vulnerability fixes.
General Many improvements and fixes across the tools and resources for LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb.
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Version 2020

LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb 2020 included the following updates:


Upgraded support:

  • LoadRunner Developer Standalone supports up to 50 running Vusers.
  • DevWeb is now a fully-supported VuGen protocol, available according to the terms of your product license agreement. For details, see DevWeb Protocol.
Correlation engine

Correlation enhancements include the following:

  • DevWeb now supports automatic record scan for correlations.
  • You can define your preferred extractor type for correlation candidates (Boundary, RegExp).

See Correlate dynamic values.


We have extended functionality for the extractors, including:

  • A new extractor: HtmlExtractor
  • Added ability to set the scope for search.
  • Added predefined converters for extracted values (base64, urlEncode, htmlEscape).
  • Support for transformations using the transform function.
  • Added a "fail on" option for the text check extractor.

See the SDK Extractors section and Extractors and appliers.

Proxy Recorder

The Proxy Recorder includes general configuration enchantments.

See DevWeb Proxy Recorder.


We added support for the following (defined in the rts.yml file):

  • Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) script during send requests.
  • Snapshot on error option for web request snapshots.

See Script structure.


You can now configure the reporting of results data to InfluxDB.

See DevWeb measurements.

General DevWeb This release includes many more improvements and bug fixes across the tools and resources for LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb.

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LoadRunner family

LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb work with the LoadRunner family of products. For details on using each product, and information on what's new, see the appropriate help center:

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