Run scripts from your IDE

You can run your DevWeb script for up to 50 Vusers, using the DevWeb plugin within your scripting tool. (For details on creating a DevWeb script with your IDE, see Scripting with your IDE

This topic describes running your scripts from some common tools.

Note: You can also scale up your test by running it, from within your IDE, on LoadRunner Cloud. See Run scripts on LoadRunner Cloud.

Visual Studio Code

Select Terminal > Run Tasks (in older versions of VS Code, select Tasks > Run Tasks), then one of the run options: Load Run, Debug Run, Single Run

Note: For Visual Studio Code 1.46.0 and later, an experimental debugger might be enabled by default. This debugger is not supported with DevWeb scripts.

Workaround: To debug, in the VSCode settings set ‘debug.javascript.usePreview’ to false.

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JetBrains WebStorm (IntelliJ)

Select Tools > External Tools > Run DevWeb. The results are displayed in the bottom panel. To run the script again, click the green Run button.

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LoadRunner Developer includes a plugin for This plugin enables you to execute DevWeb scripts from within, and to run them in either single mode or load mode.

Download and extract the plugin for

  • Windows. Extract to C:\Users\<user name>\.atom\packages
  • Linux/MacOS. Extract to ~/.atom/packages

To run one iteration of the script with one user, select DevWeb > Run single user.

To run a scenario with the script, select DevWeb > Run scenario. DevWeb runs the script using the scenario defined in the scenario.yml file.

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