LoadRunner Developer video gallery

This video gallery includes a selection of videos that demonstrate working with LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb.

Note: The videos may include references to TruWeb instead of DevWeb.


Watch this series of tutorial videos to learn more about working with LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb:

Tutorial #1: Installation

Tutorial #2: Creating a script

Tutorial #3: Recording using the
Proxy Recorder

Tutorial #4: Basic scripting

Tutorial #5: Transactions

Tutorial #6: Using parameters

Tutorial #7: Correlations

Tutorial #8: Run scripts in LoadRunner Controller

Run scripts on LoadRunner Cloud
with ScaLRD

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Asynchronous APIs

Learn more about using asynchronous APIs with LoadRunner Developer and DevWeb:

Asynchronous programming concepts

Using WebRequest

Using WebSocket communication

Using built-in timers

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Performance and load testing video channels

View short videos demonstrating performance and load testing functionality, and webinars on solution-driven topics.

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