This page provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is TruWeb?

TruWeb is a new, lightweight tool for web protocol performance and load testing. Read more about it here.

What platforms does TruWeb support?

TruWeb is cross platform, so you can execute your tests on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Can I run TruWeb scripts in LoadRunner?

TruWeb is fully supported in Micro Focus LoadRunner, Performance Center, and StormRunner Load.

Do I need other performance testing products to run TruWeb scripts?

No, you can download the standalone version of TruWeb and do your recording, scripting, and execution without need for other performance testing tools such as LoadRunner.

How is TruWeb different from other LoadRunner protocols?

TruWeb serves the transport layer protocol, supporting the latest web technologies for HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/2. It also supports the WebSocket protocol. It is highly scalable, using a modern JS SDK, and has full unicode support. It is cross platform for all testing phases, including scripting. Plus it offers recording, scripting, and execution in standalone mode. All of this differentiates it from the Web - HTTP/HTML and the TruClient - Web protocols.

If I use TruWeb in my IDE, what results do I get?

TruWeb provides a results DB file (SQLite format) containing raw data for the requests and transactions, along with custom data points. It also produces a log file that gives you basic transaction response times.

Is TruWeb scalable?

Yes, TruWeb is scalable, and can run hundreds of Vusers on a local environment (depending on the hardware and the script itself). You can also expand the scale of your test by using TruWeb with StormRunner Load, LoadRunner, or Performance Center.

This sounds great, how do I get started?

Check out the tutorial videos to learn more.

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