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Check out below the new features and improvements for TruWeb.

Note: TruWeb is provided as a tech preview feature. Currently, you do not need to purchase a separate license in any LoadRunner product to run TruWeb. However, this may change for future versions.

TruWeb Standalone is available for general use.

What's new in version 2019.5.4

TruWeb version 2019.5.4 includes the following updates:

Correlation rule enhancements

Correlation rules include the following enhancements:

  • Correlation rules now include sections for extractors and appliers.
  • Predefined correlation rules are now available for ASP.NET applications.

See Correlate dynamic values.


TruWeb now supports recording and code generation for the WebSocket protocol (using the TruWeb Proxy Recorder), in addition to replay.

See the SDK WebSocket section.


The WebResponse object now includes startTime and duration properties.

See the SDK WebResponse section.

Transactions Transactions are automatically failed when there is an HTTP error.
Multiple iteration handling

TruWeb now includes an option to run multiple iterations with single mode execution.

See TruWeb executable.

TLS 1.3 support TruWeb now supports TLS 1.3 (defined in the rts.yml file).
TruWeb in VuGen

VuGen includes the following TruWeb enhancements:

What's new in version 2019.2.4.

TruWeb version 2019.2.4 included the following updates:

WebSocket support

TruWeb now supports the WebSocket protocol for replay.

See the SDK WebSocket section.

Create TruWeb scripts using Fiddler

Record your business processes using Telerik Fiddler. Fiddler-generated HAR files can then be converted into TruWeb scripts.

See Recording with Fiddler .

TruWeb Proxy Recorder

The TruWeb Proxy Recorder has been enhanced, and now supports integration with VuGen.

See TruWeb Proxy Recorder.

Set timeout and interval

TruWeb now includes support for timer functionality.

See the SDK Timer section.

New extractor types

The TruWeb SDK now includes two new extractors for web request responses:

  • XPath-based data extractor
  • Text check, to check for specified text

See the SDK Extractors section.

New file operations

TruWeb now supports read and append file I/O operations.

See the SDK File section.

Custom command line arguments

Support added for custom command line arguments for TruWeb execution in standalone mode, or for TruWeb execution from LoadRunner Controller.

See TruWeb script files.

TruWeb support in VuGen

Virtual User Generator includes the following enhancements for TruWeb scripts:

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What's new in version 2018.11.4.

TruWeb version 2018.11.4 included the following updates:

Connections measurement

The local measurements database now includes a Connections table, enabling you to see connections per second for TruWeb in LoadRunner Controller and Analysis graphs.

See Database tables.

Multiple scripts execution TruWeb now supports execution of multiple TruWeb scripts in parallel, on one machine or load generator.
Masking/encrypting sensitive data

User sensitive data can be masked or encrypted using TruWebUtils executable; and unmasked or decrypted for replay.

See Encode sensitive data.

HTML form encoding support

The following encoding is supported for POST requests:

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • multipart/form-data
  • text/plain

See TruWeb JavaScript SDK.

Authentication TruWeb now supports Digest and NTLM authentication.

See User authentication .

Visual Studio Code

Run and debug TruWeb scripts using Visual Studio Code.

See Scripting with Visual Studio Code.

Online and local Help Center TruWeb help is now available as an online Help Center. You can also download a version to use locally.

Use the online version to get the most recent updates.

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