Correlation Rule Converter tool

The Correlation Rule Converter enables you to convert one or more existing LoadRunner correlation rule (.cor) files to the required .yml format.

To convert a .cor file to .yml format:

  1. In a terminal window, change to the TruWeb installation directory.

  2. Run the Correlation Rule Converter tool using one of the following command formats:

    • CorrelationRuleConverter -input <source file name>.cor -output <file name>.yml

    • CorrelationRuleConverter -input <correlation rules source folder> -output <output folder>


  • CorrelationRuleConverter -input C:\LoadRunner\correlation\LR.cor -output C:\TruWeb\Correlation\TruWeb.yml
  • CorrelationRuleConverter -input C:\LoadRunner\correlation\ -output C:\TruWeb\Correlation\

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