Introducing TruWeb

Welcome to TruWeb, Micro Focus's latest cutting-edge tool for web protocol performance and load testing. TruWeb uses a new, innovative JavaScript SDK and engine that focus on the HTTP transport level and WebSocket traffic.

TruWeb is lightweight, scalable, and cross-platform.

Note: TruWeb is provided as a tech preview feature. Currently, you do not need to purchase a separate license in any LoadRunner product to run TruWeb. However, this may change for future versions.

TruWeb Standalone is available for general use.

What can you do with TruWeb?

TruWeb was created with a developer mindset, to provide you with maximum flexibility. It can be used on any platform (Windows, Linux, macOS) and across any IDE, enabling you to record, script, and execute load tests as part of your continuous testing process.

  • You can create a script using a variety of IDEs and tools: Micro Focus Virtual User Generator (VuGen),, JetBrains WebStorm (IntelliJ), and many more.
  • Then you run your script using the standalone TruWeb installation, which can be up and running in minutes.
    Alternatively, you can use one of Micro Focus’s performance testing solutions: LoadRunner/Performance Center/StormRunner Load. If these products are already in use in your organization, you can just plug and play. (Check the Version support page.)

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Performance testing lifecycle support

All phases of performance testing can be done cross platform (Windows/Linux/macOS) - from writing or recording the script, to running the test.


  • Record a business process using the TruWeb Proxy Recorder. See TruWeb Proxy Recorder.
  • Code generation and scripting

    • Code scripts manually using the TruWeb JavaScript SDK. Industry standard scripting capabilities such as transactions, parameters, correlations, and run logic are supported. Work in Micro Focus VuGen, or in external IDEs and tools such as and JetBrains WebStorm (IntelliJ). See Build TruWeb scripts.
    • Generate scripts based on HAR or CSV files using the TruWeb Offline Script Generator tool.


    • Generate load with hundreds of Vusers.
    • Configure runtime settings (proxy settings, HTTP connections, logging, and so on).
    • Configure logs for the replay engine and a log per Vuser.

    For more information, see Run TruWeb scripts.

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    Get up and running

    The TruWeb tutorial videos will help you to get started and learn the basic building blocks for TruWeb. The videos provide step-by-step instructions on installation, script generation, working with the TruWeb SDK, and more. See the Video Gallery.

    You can also check out the TruWeb blogs.

    For installation and configuration information, see TruWeb installation and configuration.

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