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Standard Windows Environment


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Standard Windows objects.

Note: Some of the objects, methods and properties can also be used when testing Stingray, VisualAge Smalltalk, and Qt (widget toolkit) controls, when the relevant add-in is installed and loaded.

For details on Standard Windows test objects supported for Stingray or VisualAge Smalltalk, see the relevant add-in section of the Unified Functional Testing Object Model Reference.

The details relevant for Qt are documented in this section of the Object Model Reference.

Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
Desktop An object that enables you to access top-level items on your desktop.
Dialog A Windows dialog box.
Static A static text object.
SystemUtil An object used to control applications and processes during a run session.
WinButton A Windows button.
WinCalendar A Windows calendar.
WinCheckBox A Windows check box.
WinComboBox A Windows combo box.
Window A standard window.
WinEdit A Windows edit box.
WinEditor A Windows multi-line editor.
WinList A Windows list.
WinListView A Windows list-view control.
WinMenu A Windows menu.
WinObject A standard (Windows) object.
WinRadioButton A Windows radio button.
WinScrollBar A Windows scroll bar.
WinSpin A Windows spin box.
WinStatusBar A Windows status bar.
WinTab A Windows tab strip in a dialog box.
WinToolbar A Windows toolbar.
WinTreeView A Windows tree-view control.