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YahooUI Toolkit Library


The objects, methods, and properties described in this section can be used when testing Yahoo User Interface objects.


Supported Test Objects

Test Object Description
YUICalendar A YahooUI calendar control.
YUIComboButton A YahooUI control that has a regular button on the left, and on the right has a down arrow that opens a drop-down menu.
YUIDialogBox A YahooUI dialog box control.
YUIDropDownButton A YahooUI button that opens a drop-down menu.
YUILinkButton A YahooUI button control that functions like a hyperlink control.
YUIMenu A YahooUI menu control that can contain menus, sub-menus, and menu items.
YUIRadioGroup A YahooUI radio button group.
YUIRichTextArea A YahooUI rich text area that allows complex editing, styling, and formatting.
YUISlider A YahooUI slider control.
YUITable A YahooUI table control.
YUITabStrip A YahooUI tabstrip control.
YUIToggleButton A YahooUI toggle button control, which can be pressed to toggle between On (pressed) and Off (released) states.
YUITree A YahooUI tree control.