When to UFT UI Automation support

Use UFT UI Automation support as follows:

  • Create tests exclusively of UI Automation test objects

  • Mix UI Automation objects and regular test objects (such as WPF, or Windows Forms)

  • Use UI Automation support only when regular object identification is no sufficient for your testing needs.

For example, use UI Automation support in the following scenarios:

  • When UFT's regular object identification support is not sufficient for testing your application

    Because UFT identifies UI Automation objects based on Control Types and supported patterns, the object identification can differ from other standard Windows-based object identification.

    This can mean:

    Use UI Automation when regular object identification is not sufficient, and UI Automation object identification is more in line with the functional design of the application.

  • When UFT does not support your technology or your version of a technology

    As different technology frameworks expand their abilities and functionalities, UFT may not adequately identify the application objects, either in type or functionality. In this case, using UI Automation enables you to adequately identify and test the application.

    Use UI Automation when it will enable you to identify objects in your application when UFT otherwise could not.

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