Converting manual components to UFT components

Relevant for: Scripted and Keyword GUI components only

In UFT, you can open a manual component stored in your ALM project and convert it to an automated scripted or keyword (keyword-driven) component. This conversion process is irreversible, although you can still view and run the manual steps in ALM, if needed).

When you open a manual component, UFT asks you whether you want to convert into a keyword component. If you convert a manual component to an automated component, each manual step from the manual component is converted into a ManualStep operation in the Keyword View. The name, description, and expected result of each manual step are added as argument values for each ManualStep operation. Any defined input and output parameters are converted into local parameters.

All modifications you make in UFT to the components ManualStep operations and regular keyword-driven steps are reflected in the Component Steps tab and Automation tab of the component in ALM and vice versa (after you save the changes). This means that you can update components in either ALM or UFT and still continue to run them manually using the ALM Manual Runner or ALM Sprinter when needed.

Note: You can also convert a manual component to an automated component from within ALM. For details, see the Business Process Testing User Guide.