Connect to Mobile Center

This topic describes how to connect to your Mobile Center lab from UFT.

Define your Mobile Options pane details

  1. In UFT, browse to Tools > OptionsGUI Testing > Mobile.

  2. Define and then test your connection.

    Server address

    The IP or DNS address of your Mobile Center server, including access port. If you are accessing a machine on the cloud, enter the instance’s DNS name.

    FQDN (fully qualified domain name) values are case sensitive.

    Default port: 8080. Modify this value during installation if needed.

    User name and Password

    Enter your login credentials for the Mobile Center server.

    Use SSL

    Define whether to use SSL when you connect. This is enabled by default.

    If you are using CA certificates, install the certificates on the UFT computer. For details, see SSL with CA certificates.

    Use proxy settings

    Select to connect using a proxy. Required for websocket communication.

    Proxy type. Defines the type of proxy to use when connecting to the Mobile Center server:

    • System Proxy

    • HTTP Proxy

    Proxy address. The proxy IP address and port. If System proxy is selected, this field is populated automatically, and is read-only.

    Specify authentication. Enables you to connect to the Mobile Center server using a specific account.

    Proxy user name and password. The credentials used to connect to the Mobile Center server, if Specify authentication is selected.

    Shared Space and Workspace

    Click Get Workspaces to get a list of available shared spaces and workspaces.

    Then, from the dropdown lists, select the shared space and workspace you want to connect to.

    Note: Shared spaces are relevant only for Mobile Center servers shared space support enabled. For more details, see the Mobile Center Help.

    Show device during test run, required for Insight and bitmap checkpoints

    Enables you to watch the actions performed on the device in a remote access window.

    This setting does not affect remote access windows that are opened manually or when running tests on AWS.

    • Select this option to watch tests performed, and for steps that must "see" objects in your app, such as for Insight, Bitmap, or Text area checkpoints.
    • Clear this option to run tests silently and improve performance.

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Troubleshoot your connection

If your connection fails, try any of the following:

  • Check the connection details defined

  • Check the network connection

  • Verify that the Mobile Center is available and accessible, and that the port specified for Mobile Center is available.

  • If you are trying to connect to a specific Mobile Center project, verify that your project is configured correctly on a mutli-project enabled server. For more details, see the Mobile Center Help.

Accessing your device connector

If your connection test succeeds, but you are still unable to show the remote access window with the device, check that the device connector is accessible.

If you have a proxy defined and are unable to access the device connector, define your proxy as follows instead:

  • UFT Options dialog box. Select the Use proxy settings option, and select the System Proxy type.

  • Internet Options. Add the IP address of your device connector as an exception in your machine's Internet Options proxy settings (Connections > LAN settings > Proxy server > Advanced).

    For example:

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