Known Issues - Delphi Add-in

The following known issues occur when testing a Delphi application.

Supported application versions

By default, UFT recognizes objects in your application as Delphi objects only if the application was built with a supported version of Delphi.

You can compile your application with an unsupported Delphi compiler version but may experience unexpected results.

For details on supported versions of Delphi, see the UFT Product availability matrix.

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Button controls

Button controls in message boxes are identified as WinButton objects instead of DelphiButton objects.

Workaround: Manually replace the button control test objects in the object repository with DelphiButton objects.

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Pre-compiling your application

You must compile Delphi applications with the UFT agent before testing in the following scenarios:

For more details, see Compile your Delphi application.

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