Web Event Recording Configuration Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to select a predefined event configuration level to use when recording on Web objects. By default, UFT uses the Basic level. If UFT does not record all the events you need, you may require a higher level.

To access

Select Record > Web Event Recording Configuration.

Important Information Only the Default settings are supported for recording on Google Chrome browsers.
See also

Event recording configuration for Web objects

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


<Event configuration level slider>

Enables you to select a predefined event recording configuration.

Basic (selected by default)

Instructs UFT to:

  • Always record click events on Web objects that commonly support clicking, such as images, buttons, and radio buttons.

  • Always record the submit event within forms.

  • Record click events on other Web objects with an Internet Explorer handler or behavior connected. For details on handlers and behaviors, see Event listening and recording.
  • Record the mouseover event on images and image maps only if the event following the mouseover is performed on the same object.

Instructs UFT to record click events on the <DIV>, <SPAN>, and <TD> HTML tag objects, in addition to the events recorded in the basic level.


Instructs UFT to record mouseover, mousedown, and double-click events on Web objects with handlers or behaviors attached, in addition to the events recorded in the basic level.

Custom Settings

Opens the Custom Web Event Recording Configuration Dialog Box, which enables you to customize the event recording configuration.

Default Settings

Restores the settings to the Basic level.

When you choose to reset predefined settings, your custom settings are cleared completely. If you customized the event recording configuration and do not want to lose these settings, make sure to save your settings in an event configuration file. For details, see Manage custom Web event recording configurations.