Web-based SAP support

You can use the SAP Web testing support provided with the UFT SAP Solutions Add-in to test user-interface objects in Web-based SAP applications.

These applications include SAP Enterprise Portal, Internet Transaction Server, SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the Interaction Centre Web Client.

Supported environments

For details on supported Web-based SAP environments, see the SAP Solutions Add-in section of the Unified Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix.

Firefox is supported for testing SAPUI5 Desktop applications, but not other Web-based SAP environments.

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Open UFT before you open your Web-based SAP application.

Additionally, Web-based SAP testing support is similar to other Web-based add-ins, and the Web Add-in must be loaded before you start.

The following prerequisites also apply in specific scenarios:

SAPUI5 Add-in / SAPWDJ Add-ins

The SAPUI5 Add-in and SAPWDJ Add-ins are installed when you install the SAP Solutions Add-in.

However, in order for full support for SAPUI5 and SAP WebDynpro (WDJ) applications, you must do the following:

  • Install the SAP Solutions Add-in and the Web Add-in.

  • When starting UFT, in the Add-ins Manager, select the SAPUI5 and/or the SAPWDJ add-in under the SAP add-in and the Web Add-in.

SAP Business Networks

If you are working with SAP Business Networks applications, you must install and load the SAP Solutions Add-in and the Web Addin.

When starting UFT, select the SAPWebExt Add-in under the SAP Solutions Add-in and the Web Add-in.

SAP server / client configuration

For SAP GUI for HTML, Interaction Centre Web Client (ICWC) applications, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, confirm that your SAP server and client are configured properly.

For more details, see Enable support for SAP GUI for Windows.

HTML objects If you are working in an SAP GUI application that contains HTML objects, you can log on to your application before opening UFT, but you must open UFT before navigating to the transaction containing any HTML objects.

Note: The SAPWDJ Add-in is supported only on Internet Explorer.

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Test object methods and properties

The SAP Solutions Add-in provides test objects, methods, and properties that can be used when testing objects in Web-based SAP applications. For details, see the SAP Web section of the UFT Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

If you are working with SAP-related toolkits, see the following for available test objects, methods and properties:

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To configure options for working with Web-based SAP apps, use the Web pane. Ensure that a GUI test is open and select Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Web > General node.

Configure additional settings in the following locations:

Record and Run Settings

Use one of the following:

  • Use the SAP tab (Record > Record and Run Settings) to connect to the SAP GUI Client for SAP GUI for HTML or Interaction Centre Web Client (ICWC) applications.

    This is because ICWC opens from inside the SAP GUI Client. For more details, see Enable support for SAP GUI for Windows.

  • Use the Web tab (Record > Record Settings) to instruct UFT to use a specific URL and browser to open a Web-based SAP application, or the SAP Enterprise Portal, at the beginning of each record and run session.

    Alternatively, you can instruct UFT to record and run on any open browser.

Test Settings

Use the Web pane. (File > Settings > Web node)

Custom Active Screen Capture Settings

Use the Web section. (Tools > Options > GUI Testing tab > Active Screen node > Custom Level button)

Application Area Additional Settings

Use the Web pane. In the application area, select Additional Settings > Web in the sidebar.

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