Install UFT

This section describes how to install UFT, starting with prerequisites and downloading the installation files.

Installation prerequisites

Before installing, verify the following prerequisites:

Prerequisite Description

Verify that you are logged on to your machine with the relevant access permissions.

For details, see Required access permissions.

Install location

Select the location where you want to install UFT.

Do not install UFT on a network drive.

The installation path, and the path to the installation files, must include English characters only.

Computer state

Ensure that your computer does not need to be restarted.

System requirements

Ensure that your computer meets all minimum system requirements listed in the UFT Readme.

Internet access If you are installing the UFT Installation Package for the Web, ensure that you have internet access.
Upgrades If you are upgrading, check any relevant prerequisites described in Upgrade UFT.

Know which type of license you are using.

If you are using a concurrent license, have the license server URL available.

For more details, see UFT licensing.

GUI testing add-ins Know which add-ins you want to use for GUI testing. We recommend installing only those you expect to use.
API testing

If you plan to run tests of a Web Service using security settings, you must have the .NET Framework 3.5, WSE 2.0sp3 package, and WSE 3.0 package installed on your computer.

These packages are not provided with the UFT installation. If they are not installed on your computer, you can install them from the following locations on the DVD:

  • NET 3.5 Framework: DVD/prerequisites/dotnet35_sp1/donetfx35_sp1.exe
  • WSE 2.0 sp3: DVD/prerequisites/wse20sp3/MicrosoftWSE2.0SP3Runtime.msi
  • WSE 3.0: DVD/prerequisites/wse30/MicrosoftWSE3.0Runtime.msi

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Download the installation files

Access the UFT installation files here:

Save your download to a location that will have 260 characters or less in the path, including filenames within the installation folder.

Note: Windows is limited to 260 characters in these files, and the installation will fail if your file path is longer. In such cases, move your download to a location with a shorter path.

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