This section describes how to integrate UFT with the Microsoft Team Foundation Server CI system.

ADM-TFS-Extension prerequisites

To use the ADM-TFS-Extension plug-in, you must have the following installed:

On the TFS server

The ADM-TFS-Extension

Install this on the TFS server, where you must have Administrator privileges.

For details, see Install the ADM-TFS-Extension.

On the slave / agent machine
  • UFT. For details, see UFT licensing.
  • Powershell version 4.0 or higher.
  • JRE, with the PATH environment variable pointing to the JRE installation folder.

Note: You must use the TFS Agent in UI mode. Double click it to start the agent, and ensure that you set this option in the config.cmd script.

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Install the ADM-TFS-Extension

On the slave machine:

  1. Download the following TFS extension files fromthe ADM-TFS-Extension GitHub repository:

    • UFT.zip
    • uftpublisher.application-UFT-TFS-1.0.1.vsix
    • unpack.ps1

    Tip: You can also find the TFS extension in the TFS Marketplace, with the name Unified Functional Testing.

  2. Run the unpack.ps1 script.

    This unpacks the files required for the extension and UFT agent to run, and also sets the system environment variables as needed.

On the server machine:

  1. From the server's main Start Page, in the toolbar, click the Browse Store button, and select Browse TFS Extensions.

  2. At the bottom of the Team Foundation Server Extension page, in the Manage Extensions box, click the Manage Extensions button.

  3. On Manage Extensions page, click the Upload New Extension button. Then, in the dialog, browse to the uftpublisher.application-UFT-TFS-1.0.1.vsix file you downloaded.

  4. Select the uftpublisher.application-UFT-TFS-1.0.1.vsix file, and click Upload.

  5. In the Install new extension dialog box, click OK again. The TFS server pauses for a few moments while uploading and installing the extension.
  6. In the list of installed extensions, mouse over on the uploaded extension and click the Install button to install the extension.
  7. In the window that opens, select the collections for which the extension is used.

The Application Automation Tools Extension now displays a valid extension for the server, and can be used to run UFT tests.

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UFT and TFS integration procedures

Trigger UFT tests using any of the following procedures:

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