Data Pane

Relevant for: GUI testing, API testing, and business process testing

UFT enables you to insert and run steps that are driven by data, including mathematical formulas, in the Data pane.

Data table content

Enter data top to bottom and left to right, leaving no gaps of entire rows or columns.

Very large numbers in the data table may cause unexpected behavior.

UFT does not support colors, formatting, and special cell formats.

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Data table values

Values returned from the data table are always converted to strings. Use VBScript conversion functions to convert values to other types.

For example:

Window("Flight Reservation").WinComboBox("Fly From:").Select CInt(DataTable("ItemNumber", dtGlobalSheet))

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Changing column headers

If you change a data parameter (column header), also update the relevant name of the parameter wherever else it is used, such as checkpoint or output values, or any ALM parameter mappings.

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Importing Excel files to the Data Pane

Excel files may be incompatible with UFT if they contains features or functionality unavailable for GUI tests. Remove the incompatible functionality and try again.

Special formatting in Excel files are not imported, and data is displayed in the Data pane with fixed values.

UFT does not support cross references to other Excel sheets.

For details on supported versions of Microsoft Excel, see the Unified Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix.

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Data Pane Specifications



Maximum worksheet size

65,536 rows by 256 columns

Maximum number of worksheets

256 (255 sheets in addition to the Global data table).

Column width

0 to 255 characters

Text length

16,383 characters

Formula length

1024 characters

Number precision

15 digits

Largest positive number


Smallest positive number


Largest negative number


Smallest negative number


Maximum number of names per workbook

Limited by available memory

Maximum length of name


Maximum length of format string


Maximum number of tables (workbooks)

Limited by system resources (windows and memory)

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